Research Proposal on Leadership and Motivation

Leadership is the state of being the head of the particular team or group which has to fulfill the definite work. Leadership is intimately connected with motivation because the primary task of the leader of the group is to encourage the team and their work. Naturally, every group of people united with the particular idea requires a strong and capable leader who would direct the activity of the group and improve the quality of its work. Leaders exist everywhere – at school, university, company, official political organization, etc. The most common use of the term leader is met in business because every firm requires a leader who will control and maintain the process of work and the employees’ activity.

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Motivation and its types depend on the style of leadership practiced by the head of the team. There are several most common approaches towards motivation – the method of reward and punishment, encouragement with money, freedom of thought and decision making, etc. If the leader is a smart and skillful one and possesses knowledge of human psychology, he will be able to communicate with employees properly. If the employee feels the support, encouragement and warm advice from the boss’ side, he will try to fulfill his duties in the best way. The main work of the leader is not to control the quality of work strictly, but to develop the employee’s creativity, responsibility, professionalism and other skills. He has just to live the right direction of work and provide the team with the sober, constructive and professional piece of advice.

The student who is interested in the research of the problem on leadership and motivation can prepare an exciting project which would illustrate the essential points related to the issue. The young person should understand that the quality of the research project depends on many factors: the type of information, its volume, the relevance of the problem, the usefulness of the facts, the style and manner of writing. To succeed in proposal writing one should brainstorm the best points and questions for the project which require research and present them briefly in the logical order.

Finally, one can demonstrate the methods used for the analysis to prove to the professor that the issue of leadership and motivation is research from all sides.

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