Research Proposal on Merger and Acquisition

Merger and acquisition are the processes which are characterized with the union or association of the several companies into the single one during the process of purchase of the shares by the shareholder from another one. Merger and acquisition are the natural economic processes, because if the businessman who owns a company has made enough money and wants to broaden his production or reduce the number of the rivals on the market, he is able to purchase the smaller companies and unite them under his control for his own advantage and further development of his business. The majority of the modern successful corporations have received their profit due to the hard work and smart strategy of merger and acquisition. With the run of time the company wins respect and client’s credit and wants to broaden its activity but there are many rivals on its way which steal a certain percent of the clients on the market and the only decision is to buy these small firms and control over them attracting more and more clients.

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The process of merger and acquisition can be divided into two types: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal merger is the process characterized with the union of the two firms producing the same type of goods and services. Vertical merger is the union of two or more firms which fulfill the different stages of the production of goods and services. The brightest example of such a merger is the union of the firm with its resource supplier or consumer of its production.

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