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Unilever is the Anglo-Dutch company which is called one of the leaders in the production of the consumer goods, foods products, cleaning agents, perfumes, etc. The company is headquartered in London and Rotterdam. Unilever was founded in 1930 after the union of the two companies: the Dutch producer of margarine “Margarine Unie” and the prominent British company which specialized in the manufacturing of soap “Lever Brothers”. The logic of the union of these two different companies is quite simple, because both companies imported the same product for the production of their goods – the palm oil, which was imported from the foreign plantations. Both firms decided to save money on the transportation and purchase of the oil and bought it in the high quantities reducing expenditures and increasing profit.

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Unilever has a long history of success and its strategy is supposed to be quite wise because it purchased the rival companies on the market and gradually became the leader in the production of the consumer goods, though in 2000 the union of “Procter & Gamble” and “Gillette” left the company on the second place. Unilever is a successful company which owns such well-known brands which are recognized all over the world as the perfume Calvin Klein, soap Dove, the products of personal care like Timotei, Axe, Rexona, Domestos, Sunsilk, etc. Nearly 44% of the company’s sales are organized in the developing countries and Unilever satisfies 2/3 of the personal care product demands in these parts of the world. The personnel of Unilever is about 174 thousand employees.

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