Research Proposal on Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is one of the forms of wave and sound pollution, which is characterized with the impossibility of adaptation of the human and animal organism towards it. Noise is the complex of sounds of various lengths which can cause much harm to the live organisms. Strong noise causes serious physical and psychological consequences on the nervous system, sleep, emotions and productiveness. It is obvious that the relevance of noise pollution is extremely visual nowadays, especially in big cities. With the growth of population and rapid growth of the human settlements and other objects of the anthropogenic origin, the frequency and danger of noise pollution becomes higher and higher. People have not thought about the negative impact of noise on their health till the latest decades and have not treated it like a form of pollution. Due to the professional surveys the rates of noise pollution have increased in five times for the latest 20 years.

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The most obvious sources of noise pollution are the increase of the means of transport, especially automobiles, railway transport (trams, metro, etc). Big cities are full of cars and there are areas where one can not hear anything because of the huge flow of transport. Then, nearly every big city has its own airport, and it does not worth mentioning that the areas belonging close to the airport have enormous problems with noise. With the development of high technologies the number of the devices which produce sound has increased in hundreds of times. Nearly everyone listens to music, plays music instruments, watches TV, etc. Every big house is equipped with the elevator, air-conditioning systems, etc which also produce much sound.

Noise pollution is an urgent problem which has to be solved effectively; otherwise more and more people will suffer from stress and face nervous breakdowns. The developed countries already apply the protecting boards and other systems which reduce noise pollution in the settlements. The student has the chance to broaden the idea further and suggest more methods for the solution of the problem and present them in the well-structured persuasive research proposal. The paper should contain informative facts, the plan of the research and the methods which have been used in the process of investigation.

The aim of a research proposal is to convince the professor in the quality of the generated topic, so one is able to prepare an effective text relying on the free example research proposal on noise pollution written by the qualified expert. It is a plus to pay attention to a free sample research proposal on noise pollution in the Internet and learn about the approach towards formatting and composition of the logical text.

Custom Research Proposal on Noise Pollution

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