Research Proposal on Obesity

Obesity is a serious disease, often called overweight. That means people’s weight is so high that it can be dangerous for their normal life. The organism (especially heart) is not strong enough to deliver blood and micro-elements to every cell of the organism, which has become bigger, than it is required. Obesity is a common problem nowadays, which occurred because of various factors. First of all, because of the development of the human civilization, transport, media and communication devices people move more rarely working and spending their free time sitting (mostly in front of a PC).

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The lack of movement and physical exercises provokes obesity in people of all ages. Another factor, which causes obesity is unhealthy food. Today people do not want to spend time for cooking normal healthy food, but prefer eating at fast food restaurants where the food is too fat and too far from healthy. Obesity affects human health badly. It provokes problems with heart and digestion system. Moreover, it impacts badly on human psychics, because people who suffer from obesity (mostly children and teenagers) possess low self-esteem, self-conscious and often suffer from abuse from the side of other children.

Obesity in childhood is a big problem and parents, teachers should pay attention to it as early as possible to make the life of a child normal and happy. There are many methods which are useful to defeat and prevent obesity, but very often they are not effective enough, when obesity is connected with genetics. A well-analyzed research proposal on obesity in teenagers should be informative, interesting, logical and convincing. One should devote much time to study the problem of obesity, its cause and effect, types and ways of treatment in order to be able to analyze the topic professionally and offer good methods and solutions of this problem.

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