Research Proposal on Organizational Behaviour

Organizational behaviour is the study which researches the norms and standards of the interrelations of the people in the boarders of an organization. Evidently, every organization, public or private consists of a staff of people, which coexist and work together for the single aim. Naturally, organizational behaviour is extremely important in business because the success of the company, the quality and the quantity of the work and produced goods and services depends on the working atmosphere and healthy relations and understanding of the employees and managers. The principles of organizational behaviour are based on the psychological study of behaviourism.

Human behaviour has been researched in detail in different situations and is used for the creation of the rules and methods of human resource management. In order to organize the work of the staff, managers create many methods.

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They organize polls, experiments, quizzes, collect data and observe the work of people. The main purpose of these methods is to understand the positive and the negative sides of management and to find out the vision of the employees of the ideal workplace and working atmosphere. A smart boss can collect this data and simply embody the employees’ requirements making their work pleasant and productive, and as a result more profitable for the whole company. It is obvious, that if the working conditions, salary and working hours suit employees’ requirements, the boss will not have to worry about the quality of the work anymore, because the staff will work hard in order not to lose such a convenient job.

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