Research Proposal on Palliative Care

Palliative care is the medical approach which hallows to improve the quality of life of the patients and their families, who have faced the problem of incurable diseases. The care is based on the actions of prevention and reduction of the patient’s suffering and pain due to the early detection, appropriate evaluation and cure of the physical symptoms of pain and supply with the psychological help and psychosocial emotional support. Nowadays the importance of palliative care has increased seriously, because the number of the incurable diseases has become so high, that many people require relieving and support in the last months of their life. Most often palliative care is applied towards the patients who suffer from pain related with cancer. The tasks and aims of palliative care are the reduction of the pain of the serious disease or the adequate anaesthesia; psychological support of the patient and the members of his family who take care of him; the help with understanding of the phenomenon of death and its presentation as a natural step in the human life; satisfaction of the spiritual needs of the patient and his relatives; solution of the social and juridical issues, which occur with the death of the person or her serious disease.

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Palliative care is supposed to provide the patient with everything he requires for the appropriate conditions of life in the last months of his life; it does not strive to prevent or force the patient’s death but provides the patient with quality anaesthesia and psychological support which can provide his with the opportunity of spending the last months of his life as active as possible.

Palliative care is the specific topic for the research which requires additional attention, because very few people think about the value and importance of palliative care for the people who suffer from the incurable diseases. The young professional is asked to persuade the professor in the relevance and quality of the topic, so the proposal should contain the list of the thought-provoking issues and questions which require attention. The student can dwell on the most interesting aspects of the topic and present the methodology of the research and share the sources used for the observation of the topic on palliative care with the professor.

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