Research Proposal on Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is the system of values, views and types of behaviour which are shared between the employees of a firm and define the character of the functioning of the firm.

Organizational culture is also the means of the creation of the organization which develops itself.

The aim of organizational culture is to increase the profit of the firm with the help of the employee’s loyalty and total support of the firm, the appropriate human resource management and approach towards production. The right strategy of organizational culture is able to develop the employee’s spirit and credit towards the firm and it will improve the quality of their work. It is useful to develop the employee’s attitude towards the firm like to their own home. As a result, they would appreciate their workplace and work hard for its improvement. Finally, the organizational culture is aimed at the creation of the right behavioral norms which would avoid conflicts or at least solve them in the peaceful way.

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The term “organizational culture” appeared in the middle of the 19th century, when the first big businesses started to develop. The employers wanted to make their employees the part of their business and won their loyalty and respect. The employees began to be differentiated into the “friends” and “enemies” (enemies are the ones who belong to other firm).

The core elements of organizational culture are: the right way of communication; cooperation; understanding the role of the individual for the organization; dress code; schedule; the right food consumption; healthy employee relations; norms and values of the organization; motivation; credit; symbols of the organization (rituals, emblems, taboos).

Organizational culture is the interesting topic for discussion, because one should understand how a common firm is organized and what elements influence the development of the team spirit and loyalty towards the company. The student is able to make the research deeper and focus on the problem from all sides and answer to the questions which bother him.

The research proposal is the assignment which is aimed to persuade the professor in the quality of the topic chosen for the research. One should prove that organizational culture and its structure, methods and elements are worth attention and share his expectations concerning the results of the research.

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