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Phonics is the method of the school learning of the language or more general in linguistics. The system of pronunciation is the methodology which teaches to read words dividing them into letters and phonemes and then vice versa create full syllables and words from phonemes and letters.

The method of phonics was the substitution of the previous popular system called syllable reading based on the teaching practice based on the interpretation, not separate letters but syllables, for example, STU-DY. The method of phonics transferred this approach into such way of teaching: S-T-U-D-Y when the child observes every letter to catch the right order of the letter in the word. The method of phonics first appeared in Germany in the 19th century, and it is quite useful for the learning of the languages which possess the same pronunciation and writing of their words. For example, the German language is quite simple for reading, because the person reads the word letter for letter (the combinations of letters seldom create a single sound).

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The use of phonics in the English language is quite a troublesome practice because the majority of the English words do not sound the same as they are written (for example, it is possible to confuse the words “night” and “knight”). The new way substituted the method of phonics called the Whole language, which is based on the understanding of the logical processes, spelling, and phonetics. So, the phonics is quite a useful approach towards the teaching of reading, but it should be applied to the learning of the languages which can accept the methodology without confusion and misunderstanding.

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