Research Proposal on Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is the process of the production of the goods in such a way, that its quality meets the general standards and continues having these characteristics and safety in the process of the use and storage of this product. It is natural that people want to purchase high-quality product spending little money on it. Even if the product is expensive the clients require it to be of the highest quality and serve to them for years.

Of course, it is difficult to produce top-quality products, because the great competition on the market caused the problem of low quality and affordable prices and companies expect their clients to consume the production without paying attention to its quality. In order to maintain the desired quality of a product the company has to plan the production of the goods on all levels and make sure they are of high quality and this quality would remain the same in the long run of time.

Quality assurance is the special branch of quality control at every company which plans and tests the production with the aim to improve the quality and detect the possible failures and weak sides of production.

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First of all the product is checked in its brand new form and then it is used intensively in order to detect the possible reduction of the quality.

Moreover, such tests show what processes and substances and peculiarities of the environment affect the product badly and then this information is written in the instruction. This information is aimed to inform consumers about the rules of use and storage of the product for its long-term and reliable work.

The process of quality assurance is quite important and troublesome, because companies spend much money and time in order to test their production and assure its quality. The student who is asked to present a sound quality assurance research proposal is expected to explain the choice of the topic, the relevance and importance of quality assurance, the methodology of this process and the pluses and minuses of this operation. The student should persuade the professor that the topic on quality assurance is interesting and worth researching, so he ought to introduce the methodology of the research and the list of the books and periodicals used for the analysis and observation of the topic.

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