Research Proposal on Quality Customer Service

Quality customer service is the policy of maintaining the quality of the services in order to attract and keep customers satisfied. Quality customer service is the key to success of every business, because people always expect to receive high-quality services and goods for the affordable price and when they do not achieve all they expect, the company loses a customer. Every company should take care of its customers, especially the returning ones, because such clients are the basis of the work and profit of the company. A smart businessman should know that he will spend far more money to attract new clients than to keep the old ones, because in order to attract people one has to advertise products, offer discounts and special sales, which all costs much.

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In order to keep customers satisfied with the quality of services a businessman should try to understand the needs and expectations of people and do his best to satisfy them. A businessman should always try to meet the requirements of the time and his generation, make the production attractive for clients with the help of the beautiful design, etc. Quality customer service is supposed to give client the chance to contact the organization all the time and with the help of different means: email, telephone, fax, etc. If customers see that the company is open for communication, they will understand it is reliable and worth cooperation. Finally, the boos should know that people expect high-quality service and friendly attitude all the time, so that will not do, if one day employees treat clients well, the next day completely unfriendly.

Quality customer service influences the development and profit of all kinds of business, so wise businessmen should pay special attention to this aspect. Students who are asked to prepare a research proposal on the topic should research it in detail first of all. It is recommended to research the positive and negative sides of the problem suggested for research to have the detailed impression about it. If a student finds out about the types, aspects, factors which influence quality customer service, he will be able to analyze the topic well and suggest interesting and effective ideas about the problem.

A good research proposal should persuade the teacher that your problem is very important and the results of your research will have a great impact on the quality customer service. In order to compose a convincing and interesting logically composed paper, one will need to read a free example research proposal on quality customer service prepared by an expert. Such free sample research proposals on quality customer service help students with the structure, format and analysis of the problem and improve their writing skills and creativity greatly.

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