Research Proposal on Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the important factor which means whether the customer enjoyed the quality and the price of the product or not. The term is extremely popular in marketing and plays the key role in the development and functioning of every business. It is obvious that business develops only if it sells its goods and services and in order to sell them successfully the businessman should attract new and new customers with the help of the quality of his production.

When the customer is satisfied with the product, he will continue buying it and will probably become a returning customer. Furthermore, he will advise the service to his relatives and friends, as a result the number of customers increases without the expenditures on extra advertising.

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There are several factors which influence customer satisfaction. First of all it is the problem of supply and demand. If the product is required by people, but the choice of this product is low, the satisfaction will be extremely high, because one will be glad that he had received the product even if the quality is a bit poor and the price is high. Then, the next factor is the problem of the price.

People always try to pay less for the product and if they manage to buy a cheap product they need the satisfaction is high. Finally, the last factor is the quality of the product. Everyone wants to purchase the product of the highest quality, but, naturally, such products are expensive. The ideal way out for every business which wants to achieve success is to follow the demands on the customers, raise the quality of the production and sell it for the most affordable prices in order to attract customers.

Customer satisfaction is the key to success for every business, that is why students who are going to connect their life with marketing should pay attention to this topic and prepare a high-quality customer satisfaction research proposal. If a student wants to succeed in research proposal writing, he should study the topic well and suggest his own research approach and complete a persuasive research proposal which will prove that the topic is useful, urgent and worth the time spend on.

Finally, one should predict the results of the research and share the methodology with the teacher and conclude the paper well.

The process of research proposal writing is a complicated one, because the paper requires special organization and formatting. It is reasonable to read a free example research proposal on customer satisfaction in banking prepared by the experienced writer and learn about the correct manner of writing. In fact one should not rely on the free sample research proposal on customer satisfaction in banking sector entirely, because the example serves just as a model for writing.

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