Research Proposal on Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is the type of marketing which is aimed to make the company closer to the consumer and keep the returning clients interested in the cooperation with the company all the time. Relationship marketing is the new era of marketing, because in this case the company does not advertise its goods and services but its own image with the purpose to become close to the customer and satisfy all his needs. It is obvious that relationship marketing is strongly connected with numerous psychological techniques and methods which help companies and corporations manipulate the consumer’s choice of the production. Relationship marketing is applied in numerous ways. The most common ones are applied directly in the store where the consumer buys the product. A shop-assistant tries to make the client satisfied and suggested various extra offers, like gold cards, partnership cards, etc which make the client the returning customer of the company connecting him to the system.

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The consumer feels that he has become a part of the company and buys everything there but not at the similar companies which offer the same products, even if they are cheaper. Another technique is the special form of advertising which is practised to maintain this connection. For example the company writes personal emails or real letters and includes the lists of various products which can be interesting to the customer. The companies use the personal information of their clients and register every purchase to make the client’s favourite list of products and suggest customers buying something more making them closer and closer to the company.

Relationship marketing is based on numerous psychological traits of the human being. In simple words corporations play human emotions and weakness of the character. It is interesting to investigate the topic deeper and prepare a good research paper on it, but before that the student should prepare a good research proposal to persuade the professor in the success of the chosen topic. A good relationship marketing research proposal should explain the importance of the topic, prove its value, touch upon the core aspects and elements of the relationship marketing, dwell on its strong and weak sides and define the questions required for the analysis. The student should provide the methods and sources used for the research and share the expectation concerning the research on relationship marketing with the professor.

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Custom Research Proposal on Relationship Marketing

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