Research Proposal on Recruitment Process

Recruitment process is the process of the selection and testing for the employment of the most appropriate workers into the company. It is obvious that the main components of the successful business are the quality of the produced goods and services, the capital of the company and of course its staff. Without the appropriate employees the success of the organization is fairly impossible, because people still remain the key workforce. Evidently, even if the company possesses high-quality equipment and resources but the work is fulfilled by the inexperienced poorly-trained employees, the quantity and the quality of such work will be poor. So, every smart boss wants to recruit the best employees who will cope with their duties perfectly well and in order to find them he organized the recruitment process which is aimed to test and check every applicant and his skills. Recruitment process is a complicated system which consists of several points.

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First of all the boss studies the applicants and their brief information about themselves. After that there is an interview with every applicant organized directly by the boss or by a group of the managers who are responsible for the recruitment process. They are asked tricky questions in order to measure their knowledge and professional skills. Moreover, the recruitment process is partly a psychological process, because the manager tests the applicant’s ability to work in the stressful situation. If an applicant manages to present the solution to the suggested problem, he will probably be employed. So, the process of recruitment weighs knowledge, professional skills, psychological health and moral values of an applicant.

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