Research Proposal on Performance Appraisal System

Performance appraisal system is a complicated system which is closely connected with human resource management. Every employer wants his business to be successful and prosperous and the key factor which makes it possible is the well-trained reliable staff of employees. Evidently, the quality of work of the staff should be checked from time to time, so employers give special tasks for their employees and test them in different ways.

Employees are checked in the aspect of their competence, like knowledge, skills, moral values and personal qualities. Then, every employee is checked on the quality of his contribution into the development of the company, his success and failure. Nevertheless, performance appraisal system already starts at the stage of recruitment. For example, in order to understand whether an applicant for the workplace is an appropriate one, he is checked carefully.

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The manager uses all his professional skills and knowledge on psychology to value the qualities of the future novice employee. The applicant is tested in various situations, like the everyday situations and critical situations, which require risk and quick decision making. Then, the novice employee spends a month training to gain the required skills for the work in the company. During the month he is constantly tested and his skills, knowledge and character are weighed as well. It does not worth mentioning that performance appraisal system works at all stages of the company and checks all employees, from the novice to the experienced ones.

Naturally, without the well-organized performance appraisal system the success of business is seriously questioned. A smart boss should devote enough attention to checking the applicants he invites to work in his company and the experienced employees who have been working for him for several years. Students who are writing a performance appraisal system research proposal should try to make it as interesting and exciting as possible, because the proposal is supposed to introduce something new into the problem or the whole sphere or discipline. In order to prepare a good research proposal one should collect enough data on the topic, study all its strong and weak sides to be able to offer some new ideas for the problem.

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