Research Proposal on Recruitment and Selection

Recruitment and selection are the very important processes for the development of every company. Every smart employer wants to recruit the best employees into his company, who possess the most appropriate qualities and knowledge for the perfect work. The process of recruitment and selection is quite long and complicated one, because a boss should be a good expert and should be able to recognize the required employee at once. Frankly speaking, it is the question of psychology, because one can not communicate with people without the basic psychological knowledge. In fact, there are special techniques and methods which are considered to be the universal ones in the process of recruitment and selection.

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First of all one should define the workplace and imagine the ideal employee who possesses the list of the required qualities for that position. Then, one should create a good selection plan which the list of questions to the applicants. After that every applicant should be asked at the interview.

The select committee or a group of managers should be very attentive and pay attention to the behavior of the applicants, value their background knowledge and intelligence. Furthermore, it is obvious that deep knowledge is not enough, because the character and habits of the employee also play an important role. For example, when a stressful situation occurs, an employee can forget everything and will feel helpless, so a good employer should be aware about such a possibility and should check their nerves already at the interview imitating a problematic situation directly in the office observing the reaction of the applicant.

The topic of recruitment and selection is very important for the development of business and every student who wants to succeed in business should be aware of the principles of this process. A successful recruitment and selection research proposal should be interesting, informative, brief and logical. Moreover, every student who wants to impress the professor and persuade him in the importance of the topic to win the right to write a research paper should prepare a good research proposal at first. The quality of a research proposal is valued on the basis of the methodology presented in the paper and the possible predicted results.

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