Research Proposal on Recycling

Recycling is the utilization of the product and the use of its waste materials for the production of the new goods with the purpose to economize energy and resources. In the modern post industrial age it is important to save the natural environment from the impact of the human activity and the unreasonable use of the natural resources. Naturally, in order to produce goods and services people require resources, which are often exhaustible ones or need much time to restore and renovate themselves. The extensive use of the natural resources has an extremely negative influence on the ecological condition of the planet.

Enormous areas of forests are cut down for the various purposes and the quantity of the forests reduces all the time, though it is possible simply to recycle the production instead of logging wood.

The brightest example of the advantage of recycling is the paper. The paper is made of wood and it is possible to produce the new paper with the help of the wastes of wood and the old unnecessary paper (old books, magazines, ads, etc).

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Recycling helps to save pure water, energy and additional resources for the production of the new goods. In addition, recycling not only saves resources, but also solves the problem of littering and waste management. Due to the opportunity to recycle nearly every product, the area of dumps reduces. Nowadays many countries even purchase wastes in other countries because they have recycled their own wastes. This policy is extremely useful for the natural environment, because prevents from the global littering and exhaustion of the valuable resources.

Recycling is the important and intensive decision which is able to improve the environmental situation on the planet and save great quantity of the natural resources. In addition, the planet will solve particularly the problem of pollution and littering. The student who is going to research the issue on recycling should study the problem professionally in order to make the research proposal informative, sensible and logical. One should persuade the professor in the relevance of the topic on recycling, demonstrate the methodology of the investigation, the literature involved into the process and the expected results of the research. One is obliged to focus on the importance of the problem and its usefulness for the discipline and the humanity.

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