Research Proposal on Waste Management

Waste management is the system of processes and their control which are aimed at the collection, transportation, recycling and utilization of wastes. The term ‘wastes’ means the products of the human activity which are no longer used or must not be used because of their harmful qualities. It is obvious that wastes influence the normal life of people, their health badly; moreover, wastes care harmful for the natural environment, animals, plants and fish.

Very often wastes are associated with pollution and it is right, because the industrial and domestic wastes pollute water, air and soil. Due to the system of waste management it has become possible to recycle wastes and produce useful materials from them. The most common way to utilize wastes is to bury them or simply transport them far behind the human settlements.

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The open air dumps are extremely widespread in the developing countries which have not learnt to recycle and utilize wastes reasonably. Dumps are very harmful for the environment and for the human health, because of the smell and toxicity of various types of wastes which mix together. If there is no possibility to recycle wastes, there are many methods to utilize them: it is possible to bury them (in abandoned mines, landfills, etc.) and burn them down and receive heat, energy and ash. It is very important to develop the system of waste management, because this process saves recourses, energy, space (vast territories are used as dumps instead of using them for the agricultural purposes) and human health preventing pollution and contamination of water, air and soil.

Waste management is one of the most urgent problems nowadays, because very day people produce so much wastes, they do not have space to bury or keep them. Young people who are interested in the topic and want to suggest some wise ideas concerning waste management are able to prepare a research proposal expressing their thoughts and concepts to the professor. The paper is supposed to be brief, interesting, logical and very informative to present the scope of research and research approach, methodology, literature review successfully. One should convince the professor that the topic is worth investigating and the results of the research will be very useful for the humanity.

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