Research Proposal on Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is the general term which is used to define various methods of advertising, which are characterized with the extremely rapid spreading of ads by the individuals who are not connected with the company or producer of the advertisement. Viral marketing is exists due to the Internet and other media. The process of the spreading of information is easy. The advertisement which contains a smart and bright idea is perceived by the consumer and when he is interested in the ad he simply shares the information with his friends and relatives. Naturally, people do not believe in advertising and if the ad is promoted by the company itself, the credit towards such ad is very low. But if people see that the ad is spread by the independent individuals, they start to believe in the sense of the ad. Years ago viral marketing existed in the form of the printed ads which were spread on the street in great numbers.

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Today the necessity of the printed ads disappeared, due to the development of the Internet and especially the social networks, like Facebook, forums, blogs, etc. The technique of current viral marketing is very easy: the company creates an account in the social network and writes to numerous people messages which also include the reference to the certain advertisement of the company. People look through the ad and become familiar with it. Every day more than 50 000 people can watch the ad increasing its popularity. Of course, many people simply ignore such messages treating it like spam, but the effect of this type of marketing is enormous.

Viral marketing is one of the most useful types of marketing applied in the current times and it has its advantages and disadvantages. Being quite a young method of marketing viral marketing has a wide field of perspectives for the young people who want to get involved into this process.

A good viral marketing research proposal should present the purpose of the research, illustrate the relevance of viral marketing and its effectiveness nowadays. The student should pay attention to the methods of the research, the sources used for it and the convincing manner of writing to make the professor permit to research the very topic deeper.

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Custom Research Proposal on Viral Marketing

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