Research Proposal on School Dropout

School Dropout Research Proposal:

School dropout is the notion which explains the process of school resignation by a student. The cases of school dropout are quite frequent, because students find different reasons and excuses to leave school. Many students leave school, because they are bored and want to find a job and earn money. The others leave school, because they need money being from the low-income family, so they have to find a job to support their brothers and sisters financially. Some students drop out of school, because they have various problems connected with their family, abuse, drugs. Very often young people are involved into street gangs and this factor also makes them drop out. Disabled students are also likely to drop out, because they feel inconvenient in the student society; moreover, they are also the common targets of mocking and abuse. Finally, students drop out, because they get married or the girls get pregnant and decide to bring up their child.

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Unfortunately, students often do not realize the danger of such a decision, because school dropout has a completely negative impact on the future of the young person. People who have dropped out of school achieve success in life very rarely, because nearly every employer demands his employees to have a diploma. As a result the person will never have a perspective job, will earn little money, will probably live in poverty and ruin his health very soon being unable to consume healthy food and purchase medicine.

School dropout is a serious problem for the young people and their parents, who are disappointed with their children and can not persuade them to return to school. Students who have investigated the problem of high school dropout and understood it well are able to prepare a research paper on it if they manage to convince the professor in the importance of the topic. A successful school dropout research proposal has to be interesting, up-to-date, informative, logical and brief. A student should present the scope of the research, research approach, predictions and methods used for the research and possible achievements of the paper if he wants to persuade the professor that the topic is worth paying attention to.

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