Research Proposal on Work Life Balance

Work life balance is the opposition of the main human activities – work and leisure and their peaceful coexistence. The human life consists of two main sorts of activities: work and time for self-development and rest. Work is considered to be the most important part of human life, because without a job one will not earn money and as a result will not be able to live a normal life and provide himself with the necessary things. Unfortunately, work takes the absolute maximum of our time and we do not have time for ourselves. People earn money but do not spend them wisely.

People have a rest very rarely and live in constant stress, which ruins health, both physical and psychological. People forget that the aim of work is to provide them with the money which can be used for self-development, entertainment, etc.

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Very few people manage to find a compromise and devote enough time to work and leisure and the ones who have managed to find this balance can be considered happy. The best ways to organize time wisely is to find a good job which suits your skills and interests. It is very important because after work you do not feel tired and can be active further. It is useful to go in for sport to be always in shape and the most important – to have a hobby. When a person has an interesting hobby and devotes time to it every day, she forgets about the difficulties of life, gets rid of stress and does not lose the interest for life and is always waiting for something new to happen.

Work-life balance is a very important factor which influences the quality of our life. Without such a balance a human being will feel a slave of her work and duties and will soon lose the will for and interest for life. A successful work life balance research proposal is supposed to be interesting, informative, possess logical structure and reliable content. One should think over whether the topic is urgent, think about the methodology for the future research and present the expected results. All these points will show to the professor whether the research proposal is worth attention and whether the research is valuable for the humanity. A student has to convince the teacher that the problem under investigation is very important and suggest the effective methods of setting the quality work-life balance for everyone.

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