Research Proposal on Taxation

Taxation is the process of paying certain sums of money for the government in order to maintain the proper living conditions in the country. Taxes are imposed by government to provide people with up-to-date well-developed communication and transport systems, sewers, electricity, gas, water, security, the services of the police, firemen, health care and nearly everything a modern person requires for the normal life. Taxation appeared in the process of the development of the human civilization and people had always to pay them. In the ancient times people were imposed by taxes which carried different character.

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People had to pay their landlord, a count or duke for the territory they rent, for the cattle, crops, even air and the right to exist on the territory of the country. Later on such cruel and insane taxes disappeared and people started to pay for the thing they really required for good life. Today taxation looks much more liberal and people pay a certain percent of their income for the government which divided the money between the spheres which really need it.

For example, education and health care exist only due to taxation. People are supplied with energy and resources also due to the wise management of the money collected with the help of taxation. With the help of taxation the government also finances such spheres which are not always supported by the public, for example, military services and the development of brand new military technologies and machines. Unfortunately, extremely much money collected with taxation is donated into such spheres.

Without taxation the existence of the human civilization is fairly impossible, because people can not provide themselves with everything they need and they devote this job to the government. A well-composed research proposal should give a brief analysis of the general situation with taxation. Students should explain the purpose, types of taxes and the methods they are imposed. Moreover, it is reasonable to present the consequences which wait for an individual who refuses to pay taxes. One should analyze the positive and the negative sides of taxation to be able to offer his own ideas concerning this phenomenon. A research proposal is expected to be an interesting paper on the topic which contains extra fresh thoughts and solutions valuable for the discipline or the particular problem under research.

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