Research Proposal on Teamwork

Teamwork is the participation of several people in the common work with the aim to gain the single profit. It is obvious that it is easier to reach the expected and desired results with the help of cooperation, because a community or a group of people is stronger, faster and more effective than an individual. People have started to cooperate already at the dawn of the human civilization uniting into the tribes and groups of people for the common purpose. The first groups of people practising the teamwork were hunters. Because of the low quality of the tools and weapon the ancient people had to unite into the small groups and cooperate in order to achieve success in hunting, building, protection of their families from wild beasts and enemies. Since that time people have been practising teamwork sharing the profit between the members of the group. Today, teamwork is mostly associated with business and sports, as its priorities and aims have changed.

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People no longer have to protect themselves; all they need is to work to earn money. The teamwork in business is an important factor of the success of the company, because every employee has his own duties and he fulfills them well for the sake of the organization. When there is a good team in business, it is easier to solve the problems which occur in the process of work; more people can brainstorm more solutions; a team can cope with the work faster and more effective than one employee; every team member has his own skills and advantages which can be useful for the whole team, etc. It is obvious that there is a risk of competition in the group, because there is always the person who wants to become the informal leader of the team.

Teamwork is an interesting topic for discussion, so if a student wants to investigate the problem deeper, he should prepare a good teamwork research proposal and explain the purpose of the research, its aim, value and importance logically. Furthermore, one should prepare a vast list of literature review sources and methods which can be effective for the analysis of the chosen problem. A student is supposed to convince the professor in the importance of the suggested topic, so he should master the required style of persuasive writing.

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