Research Proposal on Role of Media

Media is the complex term which can be understood as the means of mass communication which work for the supply of people with information of all kinds. The role of media can not be overestimated in the modern society, because the current time is the age of information and information is treated like the most valuable resource. There are many functions which are fulfilled by media. For example, media informs about the current news which has occurred in the country and all over the world. The information can be of the educative and entertaining type and it transmitted with the help of television, the Internet, radio, press, etc. Media does not only inform about the current events on the planet, but also educates people. If we take television, the Internet, scientific journals, etc, we will see numerous programs, movies, audio reports, articles about various issues on history, biology, ecology, geography, philosophy, politics, etc.

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Media helps people to travel and develop their imagination. If one watches TV and watches movies in the Internet about different countries, their culture, traditions, economy, politics, the worldview of the people living there, he makes a little trip into another world discovering new things without leaving his sofa. Finally, media plays the entertaining role, because one is able to watch films, listen to music, read anecdotes, funny short stories, tabloids, listen to the entertaining radio programs, etc and this activity helps to spend time with pleasure and to increase one’s mood. Nowadays no one can imagine his life without media, because it has become an integral part of the human everyday activity.

The role of media is quite serious in the modern society and it can be told that media dictates the order of the human life, because very often the human tastes and worldview, attitude towards various things is influenced by media. The student is able to demonstrate his knowledge and observe the issue about the role of media in the research proposal which analyzes the topic from the alternative point of view focusing on the most troublesome and interesting questions related with media and its impact. The student is asked to present the list of the methods used for the research of the problem of the role of media in order to succeed in writing.

A research proposal is the assignment which can be easily written under the control of the Internet and a well-structured free example research proposal on role of media in Pakistan. The student can borrow a few pieces of advice suggested by the writers of a free sample research proposal on role of media and succeed in the process of writing.

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