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Tesco is one of the biggest British retailers and multinational groceries and the second-largest retailer in the world. Being a multinational company, Tesco has its stores all over the world but the largest concentration of the stores is in the UK, Poland, Czech Republic, Ireland, Japan, etc.

The company was established in 1919 and the name Tesco was introduced in 1924 and the first store appeared in the suburbs of London in 1929. The retail business of Tesco developed very quickly, because the popularity of such stores constantly increased, so by the 1939 the company owned more than 100 stores all over the country. In the 1990-ies Tesco entered the international arena and opened its stores in different countries of the world and increased the choice of its goods and services. For example, it is possible to purchase petrol, books, clothes, electrical appliances and other items in spite of food products.

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These innovations increased the popularity of the company and attracted more and more customers. Tesco has many different types of stores, which are located logically. For example, the small or standard-sized supermarkets are located in the city centers and in such profitable areas like train and metro stations; and the large hypermarkets are generally situated on the suburbs of the big cities where the area is extremely large. The main secret of Tesco’s success is the expansion on every sector of the market. The company does not limit itself with food products but sells all possible goods and offers numerous services to its customers.

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