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Sex tourism is the travel activity for the purpose of having sexual relations with Aboriginal, mostly for the financial remuneration.

These relationships can be with prostitutes or local seeking to obtain a pecuniary benefit for sex, as having no other means for living.

Sex tourism is an activity predominantly male and is most popular in the Western countries male population seeking sex relationships for money usually in the underdeveloped or developing countries – even if local sexual demand is sometimes even more important, according to recent studies.

But some Western women are also taking “vacation” in African countries (Cape Verde, Gambia, Kenya, Madagascar, Morocco, Senegal, Tanzania, Tunisia) or the Caribbean islands (Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic) where young men offer their services.

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There are several groups of men and women who travel as “sex tourists.” The transitions between the individual groups are fluid and preferences can change during the course of the trip, and especially during repeated stays. A large part of the suitors seeks short sexual relationships for a night or a few days that would be cheaper than at home.

The second major group are those who seek a long-term relationship and even some “feelings,” and want to pay for individual sexual services, but to support the prostitutes or their relatives (so-called Girlfriendsex) . This form of sex tourism is widespread, for example, in Thailand or Brasil.

Gay men sometimes see in sex tourism a chance to freely live out their homosexuality without have to confess openly by home.

Swingers could attend tourist facilities reserved for them by travel agencies specialized in these tourist services.

The countries most frequently affected by sex tourism (especially by western Europeans, Chinese, and Koreans) are the Philippines and Thailand as well as some Eastern European countries and Africa North, most recently Cuba. Some countries such as Thailand and Morocco have recently implemented policies to fight against this phenomenon often found degrading or immoral.

However, more flexible or easier to get around laws (corruption, etc.), sometimes local cultures more repressive vis-à -vis sexuality, institutions having no or little awareness of the phenomenon, as well as poverty and promiscuity, which favor the development of this trade even when it is illegal according to the local law.

Some sex tourists seek relationships with children, which is a misdemeanor or a felony such as sexual abuse of a minor. To counter this phenomenon, countries (such as Canada, France and Belgium) have adopted emergency laws to punish their own nationals when they had such relationships in a foreign country or have established a so-called universal jurisdiction to punish any person, who has committed such an offense on their territory and abroad (such as Switzerland).

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