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Twitter is a social network, which serves as the network of micro blogs, which provides clients with the opportunity of sending short textual messages (up to 140 symbols), using SMS, the service of instant messaging and other client programs. The publication of the massages in Twitter has become known as micro blogging. The service is free of charge and it can be the reason of its rapid popularity all over the world. The owner of the system of Twitter is the company Twitter Inc, which its headquarters in San Francisco, California, the USA. Twitter has its servers not only in San Francisco but in other parts of the country, like Texas and Massachusetts. According to the information of the years 2012 the company’s staff is more than 900 employees who maintain the quality of the functioning of the program and protection of information on the servers.

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The service was founded in 2006 and won rapid popularity behind the boarders of the USA and in 2011 it already served for more than 200 million clients. More than 100 million users are active at least once a month and more than 50 million among them use Twitter every day. It is natural that Twitter, being free, does not have the opportunity to earn money without advertising, but in spite of it, the company’s annual income is more than 45 million dollars. Nowadays Twitter is an extremely popular program which is mainly used by the celebrities, politicians, artists and other famous people who want to share information about their current activity, plans, traveling, etc with their fans.

Twitter is a well-known micro-blogging network which has won popularity among millions of people all over the world. The young professional is able to succeed in the process of writing completing a quality research proposal observing the issue about Twitter in detail. The student’s task is the present the basic information about the network, dwell on its strong and weak sides and try to analyze the existing problems of Twitter choosing the certain definite points and aspects of the program’s functioning. The idea of the proposal is to persuade the professor in the usefulness of the choice of the topic and suggestion of the student’s personal approach towards the problematic issues of the topic.

The success of a research proposal depends on the student’s persuasive skill and the ability of analyzing the topic correctly. The young professional is able to learn about the rules of formatting and composition on the basis of a free example research proposal on Twitter written online. One is able to dwell on the convincing tone of the argumentation presented in a free sample research proposal on Twitter composed by the experienced writer in the Internet.

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