Research Proposal on Unemployment

Unemployment is the condition which is characterized with the incapability of an individual to find a job of any kind. The problem of unemployment is becoming more and more serious with every new year, because the population constantly rises and the employers can not create enough workplaces to satisfy the needs of everyone. Unemployment depends on the range of factors. First of all, it is the number of people, who need work, then, the policy of the country aimed at the provision its citizens with workplaces and finally, the level of education and skills of the unemployed.

The last factor is very important nowadays, because there are always popular professions and young people decide to study at colleges and universities and become economists, lawyers, managers, etc. but it is obvious that these professions are not in need any more.

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There are so many qualified lawyers and economists, that the country and the whole world does not require them in such amounts. On the other hand, such professions as engineers, carpenters, plumbers, etc. are in great need, because today young people are very ambitious and do not want to master manual work. The decisions of the governments are very similar. Manual professions are awarded with the same and even higher salaries than the intellectual work of teachers and lawyers to encourage young people go in for manual professions.

Unemployment has always existed in the human society and the problem fairly can not be solved. This problem is extremely actual in such countries as Pakistan, Ghana, Nigeria, India, Kenya etc.

The only thing which can be done by the government is the reduction of the rate of unemployment to some small percent. A well-analyzed research proposal should be logically-structured, interesting and informative. One should investigate the problem profoundly to realize the meaning of unemployment, its cause and effect, types, factors which influence the phenomenon, the geography of unemployment, etc. When one writes a research proposal, he is supposed to possess clever ideas which can be wise enough to be able to defeat the problem of unemployment.

One should prepare a brief paper which explains the importance of the problem and contains effective solutions to it.

It does not worth mentioning that every research proposal is a difficult assignment for students, because it is not quite easy to prepare an interesting convincing paper which can persuade the readers in the importance of the problem under research. In order to see how to compose a successful paper correctly, a free example research proposal on unemployment problem will be useful for every inexperienced student. When he takes advantage of a free sample research proposal in Kenya, he will be aware of the standards and rules of proper paper writing, the styles, formats and manner of presentation of the information.

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