Research Report on Home Move Project Management

A project is a temporal and unique problem or an endeavor that is specially designed to produce a unique product, service or generally a desired result. It has a designed time frame, from the beginning to the end. It is also set to achieve certain goals or objectives. Project managing is the act of managing the project in question. It is defined as the process or activity revolving round planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources, certain outlined procedures and protocols in the name of solving a problem or to accomplish certain objectives and procedures (Newell & Grashina, 2004, p. 164).

Tools used in the home move project and their effectiveness
Administering questionnaires was a tool employed in the collection of data. This is because they are very practical. The two types of questionnaires that were used include open and closed ended questions. A large number of people were given the questioners and a lot of information was collected. Another advantage is that it can be used anytime and anywhere as long as the language used is friendly and understandable. The effectiveness of open ended questionnaires is that they give people a chance to express their feeling, views and opinions about the subject matter. The close ended questionnaires are also effective, not time consuming and people do not have to reveal information they are not comfortable with (Pawar, 2004, p. 17).

Interviews were also a tool used to acquire information for the project. During the interviews the person or the people interviewed were made to relax in order give the necessary information. The effectives of the tool were that a lot of accurate information was collected. This is because the interviewee’s answers and approach were not interfered by the interviewer. The process was cheap because no materials were used; it all depended on the ability to communicate between the two parties.

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Observations were another relevant tool used. Observing other home move activities was a direct way of obtaining the relevant information needed. Observation is also diverse as it can be applied in various situations. It is also an applicable and a reliable source of information. It can provide a permanent record thus necessary for analysis purposes. It also has a unique advantage, in that it complements other tools or approaches. This enables it to enhance quality of the information that is to prove on the evidence to be presented

Sampling was also a relevant tool used in data collection. Several sampling techniques were used. There selection depended on their effectiveness on the project. Random sample technique was used because it enabled the stakeholders to sample a random population and analyzed them to collect data. Stratified random technique was also used. This is random sampling of identified homes that could be interested in shifting. Volunteer sampling was also used. Volunteer’s volunteered to give information that was relevant to the project

Open forums was also a minor tool used. Several people were able to come out and give their opinions. It was openly done, which reduced the effect of biasness. A lot of information was also collected as a lot of people were involved.

Scope of opportunity
The group’s scope of opportunity is basically its ability and the capability of collecting the necessary data and information and the area they had to cover to get the same. The group or the stakeholders selected were from diverse fields and origins. They could handle a wide range of geographical area, different societies, different ages and different sexes accordingly. The scope of opportunity used was a combination of the above mentioned (Morris, 2008, p. 2).

Objectives of the project

  • To properly identify the task on hand and all the activities revolving round home movement.
  • Proper preplanning schedules to be outlined and achieved.
  • To properly approach the relocation process and move accordingly. To identify and nominate project supervisors and brief them on the activities to be done.
  • Preparation of a site protection plan.
  • To prepare and organize the insurance of the goods involved in the home move project management.
  • Provide after relocation activities and ensure everything was done according to the customer’s specification.

Possible benefits
The projects had several benefits that could be relied on. Problem identified is half solve, thus the step of problem identification is necessary. Knowing the problems that would be experienced during the preplanning activities is necessary. Preplanning of the goods moved; helps the management and the staff to identify the nominated self packing needs. Identification and nomination of the supervisors will help to identify the person who will be liable for the coordination of the staff involved. A site protection plan is important because it will help the team involved to ensure no damages are done on the goods. Paying for insurance will help to insure the goods and offer security.

Cost and risk assessment
A fishbone diagram was used in order to find the main cause of the problem (it was removed from research project). The problem in this case is the reason for taking on the home move project management. It was also used to avoid certain problems that would arise during data collection or information processing.

In the fishbone diagram, materials were the things used by the people involved in the home move project management. The materials used during the pre planning included the pens and papers used to write the terms and conditions, as well as the parking materials and the strings used to tie them properly. The documents used to save contract such as the site protection and the insurance.

The methods used in the fishbone diagram represent the means of transport, the criteria for nominating the team members. The methods used to choose the best quality products and the methods used to pack the goods in the proper containers. The machines in this case simply represent the home move project management movements. They include; packaging materials, color coded materials, the containers or the vessel used to transport them. The equipments used had to be of the best quality to help get effects.

Measurements represent how goods were counted and packed. Reports received from relevant organizations about packaging were used. They determined how the goods were to be packed and transported. The calibration of the transported liquids stuff was also considered. The people were the major part of the home movement project management. This is because they included the customers, the staff and the project managers. The above causes completed the first part of the fishbone diagram. Thus giving clear evidence a problem existed and possible measures needed to be taken to correct the problem

Who were the stakeholders?
The stakeholders were the group of people appointed to carry out the project management. They were carefully selected, from different fields and origins. They include an experienced team of the project managers that were made of ten people, and the staff: who were doing the manual work. The driver of the vessel used as the mode of transportation was considered (Kerzner, 2004, p. 353).

Developing and implementation of the project strategy
The project development and implementation process was a little bit complex but it was something the stakeholders had in control. They came up with several strategies, both of the internal and external position. The strategies were developed under close examination and proximity to perfect.

They were real, applicable, and realistic strategies that could be implemented and adopted by the supervisors and the coordinators. They were also relevant to the project tackled.

The stakeholders used various tools to come up with their strategies. The tools used were carefully selected and analyzed before being employed. This is because they were the main determinants of the success of the implementation process. Example of those tools include, group discussions. The stakeholders divided themselves to manageable groups as the fewer the number the easier it was to manage.

For the stakeholders to properly come up with the suitable strategies to help reduce the problems that would be experienced during the implantation process, they had to look into both the internal and external positions. These were the steps taken during the development and implementation process.

Approaching the relocation process
A pre-location briefing was conducted. This included various strategies that the project managers would use to conduct a pre- relocating meeting. It helps to determine the process to be carried out during the relocating process.

Package delivering is another strategy that was carried out during the relocation process. Here all the packaging materials are collected and are delivered to the area of the move. It is a good strategy as it gives ample time for arraying ample packing.

Self-parking advice is another pre-allocating strategy. Here more personal advice was given to the customers and the service staff. They were also taught more techniques that they would use in the allocating process. More support documents and self-packing guidelines are also given. This will ensure that the tips to be used are well understood (Morris, 2008, p. 5).

Project supervisor comes in at this step. He/she is expected to be well trained and have the necessary capabilities to manage the relocating process. They have several roles and primary liaison person for the relocation process.

Confirmation of the project status is another strategy used. This information is communicated to the relevant and the involved personnel’s. Normally a final project status is reviewed and conducted that aims at last minute amendments to any specification. This helps to correct any mistake before the final process.

The last move on this process is site protection installation. The process is done to protect materials or any goods that are delicate, risky, sensitive or highly perishable. Protective materials and coverings are installed on these goods in preparation for the moving.

During the relocation
An assembly of the team members who are fully informed on the jobs specifications is done. They are also informed on any hazardous sites and the equipment to use during the home movement process. This is done to refresh their memories and to avoid any problem that may arise.

The specialized team members get to work on their areas of specification. Examples of such works include; workstation preparation, record packing, vehicle loading, vehicle arrangement and many more. A checklist is used during this process because the procedures need to be kept in check. It helps ensures that all operations are adhered to during the moving process.

Reinstallation of the materials and the goods moved to the new location is done. The customer or the client helps in this process as he dictates where and when he wants the household items be placed. This is followed to the latter because the main aim is to satisfy the customer’s wants. Then a final job process is carried out. The supervisors and the project managers assed the work done and sign off a final job completion document.

After the relocation
This normally happens the following day. Here, any additional re-arrangement process of any of the goods or the materials can be serviced. Also further unpacking can be done and the proper assistance needed is given. The moving packaging items are all emptied and removed. Any labels that are on the goods are also removed and any other assistance that may be needed is offered.

Evaluation and review
Tools used include the repots given by the organizations that employed the project managers. Repots given by the staff which showed that the work done was carried out professionally. Questionnaires from the clients and the customers also showed that they were satisfied with the work done

The achieved objectives
Main objective that was achieved was that the home move project management was carried our successfully. The customer or the client was satisfied with the service and the project managers made a good profit out of the good work done.

Lesson learnt
The lesson learnt was that any problem has its solution and if not, a remedy to reduce the problem can also be achieved. This is only possible if proper methods are employed to arrive at the approaches used.

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