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Management Research Report:

Management is the modelling, organization, maintenance and effective control of the economic and social systems. Management is extremely important for the normal functioning of business, because every organization requires sober and professional planning and control over its material and human resources, distribution of the finance and logical organization of work. There are several core institutional spheres of management: business, state and social-economic sphere and non-commercial organizations. According to this division numerous aspects and definite techniques of management have been created which are suitable only in the definite place (business, bank, school, court, etc).

Speaking about the levels of management, it is divided into three main categories: top management, middle management and down management. Till the end of the 19th century nobody spoke about the necessity of the development of such a position as a manager, because the condition of business and the manner of its work was different.

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Today organizations are more diverse and fulfil much more functions than years ago, so the profession of a manager appeared. There are several main functions of management: the production of the results (the manager should monitor the work of the institution, react to the slightest challenges and problems and maintain the successful results in the shortest terms); administration (maintain the right order and working atmosphere in the workplace); entrepreneuring (activity aimed at the gaining if the highest profit without the serious expenditures); integration (the ability to organize employees in such a way that they fulfil the job together and cooperate effectively for the sake of the organization).

Management is one of the most widespread professions nowadays, because every organization requires skilful and quality control of an expert. If a student has chosen to dwell of the problem of management and prepare a good management research report, he will have to read about the topic much and improve his knowledge considerably, because the question is broad and one should touch upon every core aspect and point of the problem and explain the relevance and importance of management in the report. The student is supposed to define the major functions of management and defines it main types. Finally, one should evaluate the topic effectively and conclude the report professionally sharing the methodology and literature review part with the professor.

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