Employee Motivation Research Paper

Employee motivation is one of the most important management tools. What motivates people who work for the company? What are their personal and professional goals? How can they be interested in?

It is believed that the basis of the behavior is always the motivation, other than those based on unconditional reflexes. In the psychology of motive, that is what activates behavior or supports and guides it. This definition differs from the ordinary motive presentation, according to which the motif is similar to the reasons that explain why people did something in one way and not in other, and is usually hidden and not lying on the surface.

In broader sense, the motivation is a process of encouraging ourselves and others to achieve certain goals.

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There are various factors motivating an employee, which determine what is the most valuable, important to the employee. As a rule, this is not one factor, but several, and together they make up a map or a set of motivators of the employee. These factors are divided into external and internal.

Internal factors are:

  • Self-actualization
  • Creativity
  • Self-affirmation
  • Conviction
  • Curiosity
  • Health
  • Personal growth
  • The need for communication

External factors of motivation are:

  • Money
  • Careers
  • Status
  • Prestige
  • Ability to travel

In addition, the motives of human behavior are different in nature and more: they can be positive (to acquire, retain) or negative (to get rid of, to avoid). Thus, the positive external motive is a bonus that a person can get for good work, and negative can be punishment for its failure to comply; positive inner motive is love for a job, in which the employee is engaged, and the negative can be its routine nature, resulting, on the contrary, in the intention to get rid of it.

Financial motivators make up the largest group of positive motivators.

Remuneration received by the employee depends on the individual and group differences in the performance and is specifically expressed in the flexible wage system of variable payment.

  1. Commission is perhaps the simplest and at the same time the oldest motivational tool. Its essence is paying to employee a percentage of the amount that he is paid by customers buying his products. Commission can be used in conjunction with a base salary, and independently, fully accounting for employee salaries. Although the commission and are the most “direct” the motivational instrument, the peak of its popularity is, of course, in the past.
  2. Cash payments for the achievement of goals. This is the most common type of motivational plans. Such payments (it would be adequate to call them bonuses) is generally carried out with a compliance of an employee to certain pre-established criteria. Among which are economic indicators, quality indicators, and the assessment by others. Each company sets its own goals of this kind, and sometimes they are very unusual.

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