Information Systems Research Proposal

Information system is the set of the technical, program and organizational software and staff which are aimed at the quality and rapid supply of people with the required information. The modern age of information has made the life of people dynamic and the most valuable resource nowadays is information, because with its help people learn about the new things, required for their self0development, enrichment and the general development of the society.

Information systems are closely connected with the rapid development of the computer technologies and the computer networks. In the narrower meaning information systems are exactly the computer software and technologies which are involved into the creation, storage and transmission of information, but of course the explanation is broader and includes everything and everyone who serves for the improvement of the work of the system. According to the purpose, task, architecture and functions information systems are divided into various types.

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First of all they are divided into the desktop and distributed information systems. Desktop IS are the systems whose servers are located on the single computer, while the distributed IS has its server on several computers. The distributed IS are divided into file-server and client-server. Client-server IS are divided into two-tier and multi-tier systems. So the architecture is quite complicated and every level of IS has its own task: storage of information, processing, analysis of data, etc. IS are divided into the personal, group and corporate on the basis of the number and quality of the operations which they can fulfill. The personal IS is able to solve a few tasks for the single person; the group one is aimed at the serving to the selected group of people of the single department; the corporate IS is the broadest IS which embraces all the information processes of the whole company.

Information systems are very important for the functioning of every organization and the student should observe the problem from his own point of view, choose the interesting points for the research, predict the results, suggest the methods and literature for the research and compose a well-analyzed logical research proposal which would present information systems in the alternative light. The student is supposed to persuade the professor in the success of the topic and the structure and content of the paper should be up-to-date, creative and challenging.

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