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Air quality is primarily defined depending on the quantity of the chemical pollutants in the air, but can also refer to other physical parameters such as temperature, humidity or pressure.

To write a decent college research paper on air quality you must know that the standards of air quality apply to different areas:

    indoor air (public or private)
    the air of the workplace

  • outside ambient air (this is the air that everyone breathes public and the “new law on air” in Europe requires “that the air does not harm public health.” We speak here of the so called immission, which characterizes the concentration of pollutants in the ambient air.
  • air that is the issuance of certain discharges, named:
  • emissions by industrial and other fixed transmitters (actual or potential polluters)
  • emissions by vehicle and other mobile transmitters.

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Air quality standards are defined by international and national and regional actors. First, the World Health Organization publishes recommendations of air quality on health. The European Union promotes guidelines declining requirements of air quality to meet in member countries. Then the state can set standards of air quality.

Private indoor air is about the private sector, so it is free from the standard. However, recommendations are provided by doctors at the Environmental Health Association aimed to protect human health. Upon analysis, it appears to be on average more polluted, more harmful than the ambient outside air; various studies indicate the presence of many pollutants according to the lifestyle of the individual or family and premises concerned:

  • The kitchen air with nitrogen oxides (if gas burners), in not burners – the PAH or the acrolein, etc.
  • The workroom (the solvents, the adhesives, fumes, dust, sawdust, etc.
  • Carpets, rugs: dust, dust mites, etc.
  • The wood flooring and other impregnated materials: varnishes, solvents, paints, formaldehyde, etc.
  • Some plants: the allergens
  • Garage: Various paints, resins

Pestilences and harmful odorants are reported by the chroniclers for centuries, and they are sometimes seen as a source of disease or death. In December 1915, the Bulletin of Lille reminds the inhabitants in a paragraph entitled Cleanliness and safety of the highway, “it is banned to shake or beat the rugs on the highway, or throw anything by window, even clean water. This prohibition also applies to shaking rags by the windows as it should, in any way pollute the air with dust. Any breach gives rise to proceedings before the Tribunal of police and the application of penalties under the law.”

Over the years, the quality of outdoor air saw its standards, requirements become more complete and more severe. Some European and even global standardization in some cases is also introduced.

The description, even brief of metrological, normative, geography and history of the evolution would be too long and tedious.

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