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Barbering (from French la barbe [ba?b] = beard) is a craft by barber. In the Middle Ages and the early modern period it was in the area of personal care, when healing people worked as barbers, servants and bathing and nursing personal. A barber used to barb mainly the hair of men. He was responsible also fot tooth extractions, blood-letting, and enemas.

To prepare a research paper on barbering you must know that in some countries, barber shops are visible on the street under the barber signs with characteristics forms. The barber usually installs its customers on a barber chair. The barber does the shaving of men who do not have beards, but also the maintenance of the beard, the mustache or sideburns for those who wear them. He uses a razor (which may be mechanical, or, for the more recent periods, electric) and a lubricant, for example, shaving foam. In the XIXth century, either thumb or a spoon could be used to offer to the customer that was shaved: the last object inserted into the mouth of the customer allowed to inflate the cheek and thus facilitate shaving.

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The barbers have presumably developed from the nurse servants. The first mention of the barbers was found in 1397 in an official letter in Cologne. Barber guilds are found in the Hanseatic cities from the second half of the 15th century: in 1457 in Gdansk, 1480 in L├╝beck, 1486 in Hamburg.

Barbers were also called dry clippers, since they offered different from the barbering, without warmbad. Since, in a hot bath male and female humans were completely without clothing, diseases could thus be transmitted very easily, which is why barbers not always liked the method. In addition to cutting and shaving hair they also treated wounds, broken bones, drew teeth, made bloodletting or rubbed in ointments.

With the development and professionalization of doctors in the early 19th century, barbers sought to specialize further. With the invention of razorblades in the late 19th century, many men started to shave themselves at home, which has barbering service rather an exception.

In the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period the profession of barber was considered a dishonorable and thus a dishonest profession. In the urban estates societies of the Middle Ages children from the Barber families were therefore mostly excluded from inclusion in other guilds. It was not until the mid-16th century they were given by imperial laws of 1548 and 1577, the opportunity to learn a different craft.

Barbering may also be found in the French theater, a famous barber Figaro, created by Beaumarchais in The Barber of Seville in 1775 and incorporated in The Marriage of Figaro and The Mother guilty. These pieces have been adapted several operas, into films and TV movies.

In England, the character of Sweeney Todd, criminal barber who slaughtered his victims, and it is not sure that it was based on a real criminal, appeared in the literature of the XIXth century and was a subject of many plays, musicals, movies, and television shows.

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