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In the study of family dynamics of families with schizophrenic patients among its members revealed that emotional experiences that occur in the form of unconscious processes within the schizophrenic personality might occur within the family, between its members. Here we can see individual pathological types of thinking, feeling, and behavioral functions, which, if they are directed to a dependent child or occur with his passive participation, are capable of so-called “secondary” pathologizing, i.e., the development of mental disorders in the child. In other words, initially, healthy child can get abnormalities.

To be able to write a decent research paper on family dynamics, you should know that here we can consider an approach developed by an expert in communication, American, Gregory Bateson (1969). His method can be best described as “double bond method” or as trap relations. Child gets into that trap or in a contradictory situation deviated from a norm, when he, for example, cannot distinguish which of the advices of an important participant of the relationship is true, and which is not. If a person is important enough for the child, it finds it hard to imagine that the person is lying.

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Dramatic consequence of such assumptions is that the child (based on the assumption that the person does not lie) is to come to the conclusion that it is wrong, in his assessment of the situation. If we imagine that such misunderstandings are often, it is easy to imagine how confused the child will be by contradictory advices and guidance. Most likely so much that it will stop either understood anything or start to doubt itself and will create a completely false picture of the actual relationship between the outer and inner worlds. Mystifying untrue advices can have a similar effect.

Originally the concept was used by Carl Marx seeking to demonstrate that the process of exploitation of the working class – at least in the form in which it was in the 19th century – looks not for what it actually is. This process was presented in the form of a mystifying and shown it as a voluntary relationship between the exploiter and the exploited. A simple example of the process of mystification is the following: Mother tells her child, who feels cheerful and well: Sleepyhead, you tired, you want to sleep. The child tries to object, saying: No, I’m not tired, I feel fine. But then, primarily due to the repetition of the mother’s words, it begins to doubt itself, and eventually begins to believe that his mother was right.

In therapy or psychotherapy doctors and analysts automatically can be liken to parents, sowing confusion and confounding. Therefore, it is imperative that along with confusing, inspiring relationships between patient and therapist clear working relationship dominated. Unfortunately, the schizophrenic patients very rarely can be cured with psychotherapy. However, there is evidence of recovery of patients with severe schizophrenic psychoses using psychoanalytic techniques.

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