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Marketing mix is the synonym of the concept of 4P and is recognized as the marketing theory which is based on the four main elements of the marketing planning. Evidently, in order to gain success in the process of marketing special policies and techniques should be created. One of the most reliable and widely used techniques is marketing mix, which embraces the core principles of the successful marketing for the profit of the company. So, the main components are: products, price, promotion and place. First of all the company should think about the product which is required by consumers. In order to achieve information about the customers’ needs numerous investigations and monitoring are held. The company should succeed in the meeting of all the requirements, like the quality of the goods and services, the choice, the qualities and functions, design, etc. Then, the company should set the most appropriate price for the product.

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The pricing policy is extremely important, because one should organize various sales, discounts, etc which can attract clients. The problem of promotion is also important for the development of business, because the high-quality advertisement can attract consumers and make them purchase the product even if they do not require it. The main task of promotion is to increase the number of clients and increase the circulation of the production on the market. Finally, the place is the point where the three previous elements are combines into the single unit and sold to the consumers.

Here the skills of the sellers, the atmosphere of the shops and other factors play the final role in the successful sell of the product.

Marketing mix is one of the theories which is aimed at the increase of the effectivity of the process of marketing and if a student is interested in it, he can try to prepare a research paper on it. A successful marketing mix research paper should explain the topic from all sides and focus on the main components of the theory and describe every element in detail. The student should provide the professor with the examples from the real life, which demonstrate the advantages of marketing mix for the development of business. In conclusion one should define the importance of marketing mix for business and set the relevance of the topic.

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