Research Paper on Racial Discrimination

Racial Discrimination is a philosophy, political theory, and practical actions, based on the concept of the division of people into biologically different groups founded on the appearance of visible features, such as color, hair color and structure, facial features, body structure, etc., i.e., racial features, and different attitudes to people and their communities based on belonging to these groups (races). According to the racist theories, people of different races vary according to socio-biological behavior. According to these theories, important psychological, mental, and physical characteristics are determined by the external signs. There are gross generalizations like “all blacks are lazy”, “all Jews are greedy” and so on. This difference, according to the followers of racist theories, is due to the heredity mechanisms and does not completely disappear as a result of education, socialization, and other cultural processes.

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Racism as the ideology came in the period of colonialism, when European powers seized large areas populated by peoples, whose appearance differed dramatically from Europeans anthropological types. There was a need, on the one hand, to explain why everywhere in the world, Europeans are taking a foreign country and not vice versa, and, on the other hand, to justify such a policy. The simplest explanation was to proclaim European race as chosen by god and others to be “defective”, i.e., essentially, in depriving non-Europeans the right to be called human, and explain the superiorities of Europeans as innate. Note that modern racism comes from European colonialism or under its influence. However, the phenomenon is neither a recent invention, nor purely European. As a kind of xenophobia, racism is inherent in the people since long ago. The spread of racist ideas in the modern world was due to the spread of works by French writer Joseph Arthur de Gobineau, who formulated in his book “Essay on the inequality of human races” racial theory. Later, his views were borrowed by leaders of Nazi Germany.

Students, writing their research proposals on the subject, have to mention that the UN declared racial discrimination as scientifically unsound and contradicting moral and ethical principles of humanity. Race discrimination corrupts those who enforces it in practice, fragments nations from inside, creates obstacles to international cooperation, and aggravates political tensions between the nations. It contradicts the basic principles of international law and poses a serious threat to international peace and security. Implementation of the racist theories in practice is reflected in the racial discrimination in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life. The UN repeatedly condemned practice of racial discrimination.

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