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Serial murders are a series of murders in a relatively short time. According to a definition adopted at a symposium of the FBI in 2005, it is a killing of two or more victims in various further non-related crimes. Serial murders is distinguished herein from the mass murders (which are related) and the spree murders (which are various crimes with minimum time between the murders).

Usually serial murders are committed by the killer in a similar manner, often involving lust murders.

To write a good research paper on serial murders you should know that the perpetrators committing serial murders usually have a sexual disorder and a negative self-image, they often have sadistic traits. They tend to kill strangers of the opposite sex, but of the same race. The actual murder is often the culmination of a process that they go through again with each murder.

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Some serial killers return to the crime scene, or the place where they have left the remains of their victim. Quite often serial killers keeps personal belongings of the victim, return to the scene of the crime, or keep in the vicinity of the victim otherwise, which are means to ‘ultimate power’ killer has on the victim, which is often the higher purpose of serial killer. The most extreme form of this ultimate power is cannibalism, where, for example, Jeffrey Dahmer was guilty of.

Most victims of serial murders are often careless, which allows to the killer act faster and make less effort to hide. The serial killers most often chose victims with intelligence above average.

Many serial killers, and other criminals, have their own “signature.” The MO (modus operandi) is often seen as the “signature” of the perpetrator. However, these are two independent concepts. The MO is what the perpetrator does to commit his act and can change. The signature is what the offender must do to comply his lust The MO may change because with any murder an offender learns how to do it better. It is also possible to improvise at the scene of the crime.

How subtle can be difference between MO and the signature is evident from the following examples:

  • How a bank robber has took hostages made them to undress and made them posing in lewd poses while he takes photos, makes clear signature behind. For the robbery is not necessary to take the pictures. It only prolongs his stay in the bank. Undressing the hostages is something he needs to do to achieve satisfaction from the crime
  • A bank robber who leaves clothe themselves hostages in the hope that they feel so ashamed and ensure that each of the identification of the perpetrator is complicated, is engaged in MO. The hostages to undress part of his plan to succeed the crime.

There is a danger of stereotyping serial killers. For example, Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy are often regarded as a stereotypical serial killers. Although both probably had similar ‘rejection’ that led to their deeds, they differ substantially from one another. Serial killers tend to be of the male sex, but there is also a number of female serial killers, often called “black widows” who systematically killed their partners/spouses.

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