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Tourism is the process of visiting places and countries all over the world with the purpose of entertainment, recreation and improvement of the background knowledge. Tourism became popular not so long ago, because earlier people traveled with the purpose to change place of living, earn money and to escape from epidemics and military conflicts. Such travels took extremely much time and were too far from the pleasant ones. Today with the development of transport and communication systems travelling has become more comfortable and easier. So, people who want to see something new, have a good rest and to escape from the daily routine decide to go in for tourism. Tourism can be divided into a great number of types.

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Some people travel to some exotic places, like abandoned islands in the ocean to enjoy exotic wildlife and tropical climate; the others enjoy visiting museums, art galleries in order to see the well-known masterpieces of the ancient civilizations and become closer to history. Some people like the sea voyages just enjoying long miles of water around. Some people prefer get rid of the conveniences of the human civilization and go in for hiking, live in tents and visit the unspoiled wild areas in the mountains and forests. Evidently, tourism is a big business in every country. Some countries are rich only due to the well-developed tourism system which attracts people from all over the world who are ready to spend their money for the services and attractions the country is famous for.

Today, the sphere of tourism is extremely profitable and smart entrepreneurs donate much money into the recreational areas, reconstruction of historical places, museums, theaters, masterpieces of architecture to attract tourists and make great sums of money. Students who study at tourism faculties should know everything about the phenomenon and value of tourism for the cultural and financial development of every country. One will need to research the problem scrupulously and find the key points and aspects of tourism, its advantages and disadvantages. Everybody knows that the list of disadvantages is quite long, so one should offer smart ideas to cope with these negative ruining sides of tourism in a good research proposal. A student should present his own vision of tourism and offer effective ideas which can solve the existing problems in the sphere of travelling.

Due to the well-organized and properly analyzed free example research proposals on tourism in India one will collect data for the investigation of the topic and will understand how the sphere of travelling is maintained in different countries of the world. A free sample research proposal on tourism in Bangladesh will not only teach you to analyze facts wisely, but to compose the paper properly and make the teacher believe you topic is worth researching.

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