Research Paper on Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is the marking activity which is aimed at the increase of the sales with the help of the visual means. It is obvious that consumers evaluate the quality of products on the basis of their appearance, so if the businessman manages to present the image of the product successfully, he will attract numerous customers who will be ready to purchase the product.

The technique of visual merchandising appeared in the end on the 19th century, when the production increased to such an extent that could be called mass production and numerous retail stores and shops were opened, which attracted customers of all types. Nowadays it is impossible to imagine marketing without the techniques of visual merchandising, because every supermarket and a store has numerous visual merchandising means, which affect the psychology of the customers and provoke them make the certain choice of the product.

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The most popular means of visual merchandising is the display window. The store advertises its product on the display, creates a certain scene which makes the product attractive and clients absorb this information and pay attention to the product. Moreover, window displays inform consumers about the certain season sales, discounts and extra offers and bonuses.

Visual merchandising also operates such tools as the price, the size of the product, color, light, smell, etc in order to create the right atmosphere. Due to the window displays and installations visual merchandising fulfills its main tasks: help the client make his choice faster, help the shop assistants harmonize the clothes with accessories stylishly, provide the client with the detail information about the product, etc.

The topic on visual merchandising is quite interesting for the research, because the modern marketing uses its techniques widely, so if a student wants to become the expert in problems of marketing, he can prepare a visual merchandising research paper investigating the topic deeply.

A successful research paper should inform the reader about the idea and purposes of visual merchandising and touch upon the historic background of the question illustrating the gradual process of its development. One should focus on the tools and methods of visual merchandising and define its importance for the normal functioning of marketing and retail business in the whole.

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