Research Proposal on Auditing

Auditing is the procedure of the independent check of an organization, the system of its work, the quality and quantity of its production. More often the term auditing is connected with accounting, because the aim of auditing is to check the finance of the organization, its effectiveness and the truthfulness of this information. There are several types of auditing: operational, technical, ecological, qualitative, etc. and a few types which are close to certification of the organization.

The history of auditing is very old and the procedure appeared just with the beginning of the first forms of business and financial relations of people. The oldest mentions about auditing date back to the 7th century BC in China, when the independent or state auditors checked the activity of the merchants making sure their trade is legal. In the middle ages auditing was extremely popular, because merchants wanted to check the truthfulness of their rivals.

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Later on auditing has become the inevitable part of all the relations which involved finance.

Nowadays, when the process of globalization has become very rapid the international corporations started to pay attention to auditing, because they need independent evaluation of the activity of various companies for various purposes. The most obvious purpose is investment. When the businessman wants to invest money into a certain company, he should know everything about its financial condition and production, because normally one invests money only into the reliable firms which have passed the auditing check. So, there are two main types of auditing which appeared in the 20th century: financial (investment) and industrial auditing, which are focused on the evaluation of the particular kinds of organizations.

Auditing is an important and useful tool to control the effectiveness of various organizations and check their working condition. In order to share his original ideas concerning the topic a student can prepare a good auditing research proposal and impress the professor with the quality of his thoughts.

The student should explain the meaning of auditing, touch upon its core aspects, study the methods and types of auditing and evaluate its importance for economics and business. One should prove that the topic is worth investigation and convince the professor that the problem is serious and requires scrupulous research.

In order to persuade the professor in the effectiveness of the chosen topic the originality of ideas is not enough. One should be able to construct the paper correctly and dwell of its formatting. A free example research proposal on internal auditing is quite helpful in this case. With the assistance of the Internet and a free sample research proposal on auditing a student learns about the correct structure of the paper and formats the text appropriately.

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