Research Proposal on Internal Auditing

Internal auditing is the economic-managerial corporate discipline which observes the issues which occur within the company and influence its development, financial well-being, and development.

Internal auditing began to develop rapidly after World War 2 when the world started to be more dynamic. The national economy began to integrate with the global economy, and every company survived the process of restructuring building its system and manner of work and production according to the new rules required on the international markets. It is evident that every organization needs appropriate management, approach towards production, control over its finance, etc. The most critical task of internal auditing is the analysis of the domestic financial power and touches upon every sphere of work and department of an organization, for example, it helps management to detect and evaluate risks and build strategies aimed at the reduction of the risks and increase of the effectiveness and safety of production.

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Apparently, internal auditing is the complex of strategies and policies aimed at the improvement of work of a company. It helps managers to achieve their aims using the systematic and professional approach towards the detection of risks and their reduction. There are several significant directions of auditing – the improvement of the effectiveness of production (operation auditing and auditing of business processes); maintenance of the reliability of the managerial reporting; safeguarding of assets; following of the legal, juridical and state requirements and laws on auditing. The primary and most essential elements towards internal auditing are its objectivity, clarity (it should be easy for understanding), accuracy (the information should be definite and precise), timeliness (the verification is expected to be composed without delay promptly).

Internal auditing is an essential topic for the analysis, because the student receives information about the peculiarities of the company’s fanatical management which is crucial to its development. Internal auditing can be chosen for the in-depth analysis in the form of a research paper, but first of all, one should complete an excellent project which would reveal the most exciting and urgent issues related with internal auditing. The project should be brief, but informative containing data about the methods and expectation of the research and the student’s purpose of writing on this topic.

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Custom Research Proposal on Internal Auditing

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