Research Proposal on Desalination

Desalination is the removal of the minerals from the water in order to make it favorable and safe for drinking or for the fulfillment of the certain technological characteristics. In order to make the water safe for drinking it is important to remove the high concentration of salt from it.

Nowadays the problem of the absence of the clean drinking water is very relevant, because the human activity, pollution and other factors make the condition of the water worse and many people lose the access to the fresh drinking water in many parts of the world. Speaking about the African and Asian countries which suffer from deserting, the technology of desalination is one of the most useful to get the precious fresh water and supply their people with it. The most common way of desalination is the process of distillation. There are several types of distillation: the common one, vapor-compression evaporation, vacuum distillation, etc.

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Except of distillation it is possible to obtain fresh drinking water with the help of the low temperatures. When the water freezes, it is possible to divide the minerals form the ice (the ice is mainly the non-mineralized water used for drinking). In addition, there are many ways of desalination related with chemistry, physics, etc. Today there are big desalination plants, which process the water in the large quantities to provide a great amount of people and industry with the clean water. It is obvious that not only people require water for drinking, but animals and numerous branches of industry also demand clean water for their functioning.

Desalination is the important and useful process which solves the problem of the lack of the most valuable resource on the planet. If the student has decided to research the topic on desalination and demonstrate his brand new ideas aimed at the improvement of the technology, he can try to complete a persuasive research proposal, which would show to the professor that the chosen topic is worth his attention. One should impress the professor with the strict and logical structure, the new research approach towards the problem, the definition of the most thought-provoking questions and the list of the selected methods applied in the process of investigation.

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