Research Proposal on Job Stress

Job stress is the kind of stress obtained during the long hours on the workplace. Job stress has become one of the most widespread types of stress, because work is the most obvious source of stress nowadays. People work to earn money and support their living. If there are problems at work, there are problems in everyday life, personal life, social life, health, etc. The person is afraid of losing her job and is always nervous about it, especially if she is constantly criticized by the employer and if there is hard competition in the staff.

In addition, job stress is connected with the unfavorable atmosphere on the workplace. If there is no friendship, understanding, encouragement, trust and other basic things, the person feels inconveniently and it influences her psychics negatively. The most common cause of job stress is the attitude of the employer towards the employee.

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He can shout at the employee, demand extra work to do, criticize the results of the employee’s work, etc and such an attitude makes the existence on the workplace unbearable. The same thing is with the co-workers who do not respect one another and only try to make one another worse. In order to cope with the job stress many requirements should be met. First of all the employer should start to respect his employees and devote the management of their work to them. For example, the employee who has the right to make his own schedule, fulfill the tasks in the chosen order, who has the right for creativity and new ideas will be interested in the result of the work and would feel that he is respected and worth something.

Job stress is the common problem nowadays, which generally depends on the type of the job, its staff, its boss, the salary and the working hours. If one wants to observe the topic deeper and prepare a good research proposal on the topic, he should study the issue of job stress in detail. To begin with, it is important to explain the reasons and consequences of the stress, preset the most troublesome questions and points which require research, share the methods and books used for the investigation and try to predict the results of the writing.

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Custom Research Proposal on Job Stress

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