Research Proposal on Occupational Stress

Occupational stress is the stress obtained at the workplace. The problem of occupational stress is extremely relevant nowadays, because very few people are satisfied with the working conditions and atmosphere, their co-workers and employer. A typical employee is surrounded by the great number of factors which cause stress and influence the psychological health of the person. Very often constant occupational stress is followed by serious psychological disorders like depression, anxiety, anger, fear, constant headaches, sleeping disorders, etc. A mentally exhausted employee is angry, aggressive and suffers from cardiovascular disorders, which can cause death.

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The majority of the employees try to calm down the stress at the workplace with the help of alcohol and this method can become the human habit and develop into alcoholism. No less than 1/3 of employees treat their profession as the major stress factor. They hate their job and are looking for the weekend all the time. Naturally, occupational stress is the main factor which causes employee turnover, because if the worker can not stand his co-workers, his boss and his duties, even money will not motivate him to stay at the workplace.

Occupational stress can occur because of the improper conditions of work, when the person works in constant noise, heat, unfriendly group of employees, etc. Moreover, stress is caused by the long working hours. If one works every day or the quantity of the hours is more than 50 per week, it can cause serious exhaustion and stress. In order to defeat stress at the workplace a smart employer should maintain peace in the team of workers, encourage creativity, freedom of thought, defeat discrimination and avoid demanding additional duties from the employee which have not been mentioned in the employment contract.

Occupational stress is a useful topic for the research, because the student is able to observe the issue from all sides and define a few interesting points which require extra attention of the reader. One is able to prepare a well-structured research project which would reveal the problem in detail and provide the professor with the quality plan of the research, the methodology and the points which will be observed. In order to prepare a successful project on occupational stress one can dwell on several problems or factors and present them in the brief form explaining the aim of the analysis.

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