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Television is the complex of appliances, used for the broadcasting of motion pictures and sound on a certain distance. In a broader meaning, the term television also includes the organizations which own television channels and TV programs shown in a TV-set.

Television stands on the one row with radio and the Internet as one of the most effective and mass broadcaster of information (political, commercial, educational, scientific, cultural) and is one of the most popular means of mass media. Television was invented at the beginning of the 20th century, and by the World War 2, was set into mass production. Since that time television has become the inevitable part of everyone’s home, because TV is still of the primary sources of entertainment and news. Today, TV is the essential means of advertising, because the product shown on TV is seen by millions of people at once and becomes famous at once.

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At first, television did not look like the modern one, because it worked only a few hours a day. Just in the second part of the 20th century, the number of TV channels and programs increased to such an extent to provide the viewers with the 24-hour access to television. Television has become a universal and powerful means of information broadcasting, so it is financed and supported by different organizations which use it for their purposes. There are governmentally funded channels and programs which inform people about the situation in the country, and there are private channels and programs focused on making money.

Television is a broad and controversial topic, and it is impossible to analyze it from all sides in the borders of the single research proposal. One can focus on such problems as the effect of television on children and research this problem in detail or start to compare TV with other means of mass media, for example, the Internet, which has become even more popular than television being more independent. A good research proposal is supposed to persuade the professor in the value of the topic of TV, share the predicted results with him and present a range of brand new ideas connected with the organization and proper functioning of television or creation of its original aims or techniques.

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Custom Research Proposal on Television

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