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Stress at workplace is very urgent topic these days and can be use for any serious research paper or proposal.

It is known that workers physically or psychologically tired are prone to constant complaints, relate their mistakes with other people’s actions, and are irritable. Alienation they experience encourages them to think about leaving the work to seek new opportunities for the profession. In addition, stress at workplace can lead to an increase in absenteeism and lower productivity.

Companies should identify jobs leading to early stress and workers who are prone to this condition. In some cases, it is possible to change the nature of high-cost energy work (to reduce the frequency or intensity of interpersonal contacts), in others – the company can help employees learn how to cope with stressful situations in the labor process.

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Another bad result of stress at workplace is moral injury, the source of which is a direct threat to the security of employees (natural disaster, crisis in the organization, unfair actions from the manager, or job loss). Employees located in the ocean oil platforms exposed to hurricane, foreign workers, who were abducted by terrorists, members of the team of electricians, who had to be witnesses of electric shock of their colleague, – all of them suffered moral injury. There are two widespread kinds of moral injury at the workplace: disabled employees after the wave of cuts, and post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of workplace violence.

Moral injury at the workplace means the destruction of self-esteem of employees, undermining their belief in their abilities as a result of prejudice at work, unfair dismissal, discrimination, or sensation employee inability to achieve expected performance. In each of these cases, a worker can take on inexpedient responsibility for such event, feel like a victim of circumstances and enter into an emotional tailspin. Signs of mental trauma in the workplace can be a bad mood, concentration difficulties, and alienation. These symptoms complement the more explicit forms of behavior such as tardiness, absenteeism, and susceptibility to accidents.

As a rule, stress at workplace is caused by the sudden loss of a job and its potentially devastating impact on the self-esteem of the employee. Individual negative impact often enforced by the lack of adequate warning and the lack of security felt by even highly qualified professionals (safety at workplace quickly lose its meaning for many workers, not only for individual employees).

Another source of stress (and the result of stress) is presence at the moment of violence in the workplace. Often in times of stress employee takes actions that cause harm to the physical health of co-workers, supervisors, or property of the company.

The violence may include unprovoked fights, destruction of property, the use of weapons. In the United States violence in the working place was ranking third in the list of work-related causes of death.

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