Research Proposal on Textile Industry

Textile industry is the set of the branches of light industry, which is focused on the processing of plant (cotton, flax, hemp, kenaf, jute, ramie), animal (fur, silk), artificial and synthetic fibres into yarns and fabrics. Textile industry is a broad and multifunctional branch of light industry which produces fabrics and other materials of this origin for various purposes.

According to the type of the fibres (natural or synthetic) textile industry is divided into numerous sub divisions. Textile industry embraces the production of fabrics at all levels: from the growing of the materials and their processing to the production of readymade clothes and design of the fabrics. It is obvious that textile industry has very long history, because people produced cloth thousands of years ago.

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Due to the existence of the domestic animals ancient people managed to collect the animal’s wool and fur and weave cloth from it making clothes and other fabrics items used for different purposes. In fact, the mass production of fabrics started with the spread of the Industrial Revolution which occurred in the 18th century. Hundreds of factories were opened and started to produce cloth making it of higher quality and of lower price and more affordable for everyone. With the run of time and achievements in chemistry people learnt to use additional synthetic materials instead of the natural ones in order to increase the rates of production and develop this type of business. Today textile industry is still very important business and there are numerous corporations which produce clothes and other items of fabrics all over the world.

Textile industry is the important and interesting topic for discussion and one can try to analyse the problem in detail and suggest the alternative and effective methods and ways of its development. One should try to persuade the professor that the topic is worth research and focus on the purpose and the expected results of the research. Furthermore, one should try to brainstorm interesting ideas concerning the improvement of textile industry and its possible ways of development and share the useful methods and sources used for the research of the topic. In conclusion one should evaluate the topic professionally and define its relevance.

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