Research Proposal on Yoga

Yoga is a term used in the culture of India, which broadly means the complex of various spiritual, psychological and physical practices, originated in the branches of Hinduism and Buddhism, aimed at the management of the psychological and physical processes and functions of the human organism and accomplishment of the individual increased spiritual and mental condition. In the narrower meaning yoga is one of the six schools of the philosophy of Hinduism. The aim of yoga is to change the ontological status of an individual in the world. The history of yoga dates back to the ancient Indus Valley Civilization which existed more than 5000 – 4000 years ago in the basin of the river Ind. Historians have found numerous statues of the figures who sit in the special position favourable for meditation and these finds give to the historians the space for suggestion that yoga was practised already thousands of years BC.

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Speaking about the aim of yoga, it can be different and it depends on the individual and the religious branches were yoga is applied. For example, yoga can be used for the improvement of the physical and psychological health of an individual or can be the tool for the understanding of the world and the place of the human being in it. The individual can reach the condition of the eternal peace and get rid of the oppression of the material values. Yoga is popular not only in India but all over the world. It is practised everywhere: in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and it has earned the global popularity.

Yoga is one of the most ancient branches of philosophy and meditative techniques which can improve the human health. Inasmuch yoga is an ancient practice, one should take many efforts to research the topic on it successfully. If the student wants to dwell on the points which have not been investigated properly, he should prepare a good yoga research proposal and persuade the professor in the effectiveness of the picked topic. The student is supposed to explain the purpose of the research, the methodology and sources used for the research of the topic on yoga and prove that yoga is an international phenomenon which is becoming more popular in every country and culture.

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Custom Research Proposal on Yoga

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